Wednesday, January 12, 2011

somewhere else

this is another part to my story that takes place around the same time, maybe a little later in the night. It is also a dream i have had changed only slightly to be a story.

 It was starting to get late and Abby had to work early. So she headed upstairs to get ready for bed. She washed her face. Looking in the mirror, she studied her features. Mousey nose, big blue eyes, small lips and shoulder length auburn color hair.
  She lay down in bed wearing her favorite old night gown and fell fast asleep.
Abby awoke as her alarm sounded. She looked around the room, spotted her clothes, and got dressed for work.
  On her way she noticed that everything around her looked odd. It was 6:30 in the morning yet it was still pitch dark, with no clouds in sight.
 'That's weird.' she thought. 'the sky looks like it has a film going across it.'
 What she failed to notice was that the only sounds being made, were her own.
 She arrived at the little gas station, where she worked, to find the door locked. Her coworker was busy counting the register.
 "Claire, let me in." Abby said through the door.
 "Jesus! Abby, you gave me a fright. I wasn't expecting you for another hour.You do know that sometime I might want overtime for a change. Honestly..." Claire continued grumbling as she walked to the door with the key. She opened the door. Abby walked in as Claire closed the door and locked it.
 For a moment Abby just stood there in the middle of the mart. Claire went back to counting the register.
 Abby looked around her. It was very small, the food mart/ gas station. Only two pumps and the mart could only hold about ten people. Her eyes fell on Claire.
 'Is there something wrong with my eyes?' she thought. ' Everything is so hazy looking, almost like a dream.' She raised her hands to rub her eyes and stopped to stare in horror. 'Those aren't my hands, they can't be!' Before her were the longest claws she had ever seen. Her fingers looked as they should but where the nail began, a talon like nail forced it's way out ending in a point that could pierce a heart. 'Even a fat lady's heart' Abby thought.
 Before Claire ever looked up, Abby lunged, tearing and ripping her flesh. When satisfied Abby arose. As she stood up she noticed her reflection in the window. Her teeth were as long as her claws. Jutting out of her mouth in a sickening way. With so much teeth, It's a wonder she could smile at all.

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